Why Individual Health Insurance?

Getting health insurance coverage when you are healthy is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you will ever make.

If you wait until you become ill or injured to apply for a health insurance plan, your coverage could be limited or even denied. If you are accepted, your premiums could be much higher and your existing medical conditions will not be covered, leaving you to pay for the costs associated with your illness.

Provincial health plans generally do not cover prescription drugs, dental work or even treatments that happen outside the hospital or doctor’s office. Personal health insurance guarantees you access to affordable treatments and provides coverage towards expensive drugs, dental work and other costly health expenses.

Benefits of Individual Health Insurance:

  • Access to costly prescription drugs for as little as 20% to a maximum of $50
  • Up to $500 annually for services such as massage, physio, chiropractor and more
  • Vision Care coverage for eyeglasses up to $300
  • Up to 80% coverage for expensive dental services such as routine exams, cleanings and fillings
  • Between $10,000 to $25,000 lump sum cash provided in the event you suffer a severe heart attack, severe stroke or another specified critical illness

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