I’m healthy. Why do I need individual health insurance?

If you do not have a group insurance plan (perhaps you are just starting out or self-employed) an individual health plan offers protection against future illnesses and conditions that could cost thousands of dollars each year to treat. So the best option is to apply for coverage while you are in good health.

If you apply for coverage only after you have developed a serious or long-term illness, you could be excluded for coverage of any expenses related to that illness. If you apply with a pre-existing condition, you may also have to pay a higher premium or you may be declined for coverage.

Our individual health plans also cover routine day-to-day health care expenses such as prescription drugs, dental checkups and treatments, eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Doesn’t my provincial plan cover my health care?

Your provincial plan focuses mainly on services provided while you are in the hospital or at the doctor’s office. If you don’t have the protection of health coverage, you are responsible for all other health-related expenses, including prescription drugs, dental services and vision care.

Will my existing health conditions be covered?

Coverage for most pre-existing conditions will be excluded. Those who apply with a pre-existing condition may also have to pay a higher premium or may be declined for coverage. That is why we recommend applying for coverage while you are in good health.

How much will coverage cost?

The premium you pay for your coverage is based on the age of the oldest person to be covered under the plan, the family status and the coverage you choose.

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Will my rates increase if I get sick?

If you get sick, your personal rates will not increase above the regular rates for your plan.

The premium you pay for coverage is adjusted each year for all plan holders based on inflation, increasing costs in health care and overall claim trends. When you have coverage under a personal health plan, your claims are pooled with other individuals who have purchased the same plan.


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