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Why should I be concerned about this now?

If you’re covered by an employer sponsored plan now, you may not be covered forever. Circumstances change: maybe you’ll start working for yourself, decide to stay home with the kids, experience job loss or career change or you may reach retirement.

If you wait until then to apply for a personal health plan, you will have to answer medical questions based on your health at that time – any existing health conditions will not be covered. 

Qualify now, and you are guaranteed access to a health plan in the future regardless of changes to your health!

What is Assured Access?

Think of it like us saving you a seat – it’s guaranteed!

As we age our health often deteriorates, making it difficult to be approved for health insurance later in life. After qualifying for Assured Access, you and your family can enrol in a Medavie Blue Cross personal health plan without answering medical questions.

That means if you ever lose your employer sponsored benefits, for any reason, you and your family are automatically approved for a personal *Elements plan – regardless of any health conditions you may have developed since purchasing the Assured Access.

*Elements provides comprehensive coverage that includes extensive drug, dental, hospital, travel, and health benefits.

Why should I get Assured Access?

  • To ensure you qualify for a personal health plan in the event you are no longer covered under a group health plan
  • To get a comprehensive and affordable health plan when you retire
  • To secure your dependents to be eligible for a health plan when they are no longer covered under your group plan

Jennifer’s Story – Getting you thinking…

When Jennifer was laid off from her current job, it was not the mortgage or other bills she was worried about – it was paying her drug costs. The $24,000 a year cost of Enbrel, which is used to treat her rheumatoid arthritis had been covered by her employer group plan.

Blue Country Insurance Assured AccessShe remembers sitting in the boardroom being told she had been let go. Thinking “I am going to be crippled because I can’t afford this drug without benefits”. She then started panicking…all she could process was “I am without a job, no benefits – how am I going to pay $24,000 a year for my prescription medication? How will I get coverage with an insurer with pre-existing conditions?”

She is among the 10% of Canadians (3.6 million) who have difficulty affording prescription medications.

This story is a great example to show how important it is to secure your access to a health insurance plan. Assured Access by Medavie Blue Cross can provide you with this protection and peace of mind.

Why should I buy additional health insurance on top of my current group plan from work?

Think of Assured Access as an essential part of your financial planning process – Could you afford to pay for prescription drugs out of your own pocket? What about visits to the dentist or optometrist? These expenses can quickly empty your savings. Assured Access is designed to work with your group health plan and protect you in these circumstances.

Get Assured Access today, starting at just $22.06 per month!

*Assured Access also includes up to $10,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment!


  • A Permanent Residence of Atlantic Canada age 64 and under
  • Currently enrolled in a group health benefits plan

*Assured Access coverage can continue beyond the age of 65!

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