Keep in mind, Elements is more flexible than you think….

Elements Health Insurance Plan:  Elements allows one to mix and match both the modules(Health, Drug, Dental) and plan levels within each module (Entry, Essential, Enhanced) as well as additional modules (Critical Illness, Hospital Cash, Assured Access) to get the coverage you need at a cost that is affordable to you.


At a minimum, one must choose a health module. Drugs, dental and additional modules can be added to tailor the plan to you and your family’s specific needs.


Should you wish to obtain dental benefits, we would recommend you choose the Entry level to lower the cost of your plan for the first six months as there is a 6-month waiting period to fulfill before you can use the dental benefits. Once your dental coverage is active, you can then upgrade the dental benefits to the level you wish to have by maintaining coverage while you wait for your upgrade to kick in.


Please note that if dental coverage is not a necessity now, the module can be added at any time with no medical questions asked.

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